We are Life Ebook

We are Life Ebook
Breathe. Walk. Feel. Take the quantum jump straight into the heart of alive awareness.
Beyond spiritual practices of self realization, the soul reaches an inner place where all is alive tranquility. Love is the powerful engine and ship, carrying us back home. These carefully collected mystical poems transport us into a higher realm of existence. Cosmos, Earth, nature, relationships and human experience gain new qualities when observed through the clear eyes of our real spiritual nature. Daily, quiet your mind, then open this book anywhere, at any page. Read slowly the given poem. It reminds your mind of our true timeless endless indivisible nature. It recognizes the egomind’s deception stories and thought contraptions.
It encourages the heart to relentlessly choose love.
It exemplifies a new way of living, as essentially spiritual beings having a dream of earthly existence. Awareness as experience of ultra multidimensional sensitivity.

Now, we clearly see through the eyes of Life: we are Life.
Now, we are free to truly live.
Welcome to Reality.

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