Seek Me inside you ~ how do you become more aware of aliveness within?

Don’t spend precious moments of your life Seeking something. Seek Me inside you ... And find Me now. I am Aliveness. Being aware of Me inside you is the joy you seek. Is the joy. There is no other kind of joy. Moment by moment, become more aware, until … You are fully Me. However, … Continue reading Seek Me inside you ~ how do you become more aware of aliveness within?

Theo and Mira ~ Playing with Life, preview

We never say “I love you”. In love, “you” and “I” dissolve. “We are love” we often affirm. We dance flying in a substance of the same composition and consistency as we are made of. Suddenly, an idea appears. We follow it. We play with it. We make it bigger and more beautiful. We sense … Continue reading Theo and Mira ~ Playing with Life, preview

(A little) Conversation with Life

Life and I, we are playing a game. It starts with a conversation. I ask Life a question. Life answers simply, if my question was right. If not, Life helps formulate my question until it is right. What “right question” means? It means relevant. Logical. Sensible. Honest. Based on actual real life experience, not on … Continue reading (A little) Conversation with Life

Soulful architecture is possible

“At a time where architecture is being reduced to seductive building forms and photogenic facades that are air-dropped into diverse contexts, regardless of their complex local cultural or climatic context, where over-simplified computer-generated renderings and often frivolous play of forms are becoming the norm, I hope that the Pritzker committee’s decision will bring the attention … Continue reading Soulful architecture is possible