Rising, a poem

Come, take my hand and let us rise  Infinite clear mind's new thought of joy appearing now Soul's loving wings of white and pink golden living light enveloping grace now Eternity slow moving birthing newness now Symmetry focusing intricate joy increasing details now Library of blissful memories  Enriching A. Garden, February 2023, please share the … Continue reading Rising, a poem

The core of sustainability

Sustainable human is a sustainable idea. Sustainable idea exists in a sustainable mind. Sustainable mind is one whole clear Mind.  Therefore, here I am, sustainable human, a sustainable idea in the one whole clear Mind.  I, sustainable human, don't need anything other than being exactly what I truly am. However, I may choose to dream … Continue reading The core of sustainability

We, children of humanity’s third millennium, we learned

We, children of humanity's third millennium, we learned to steer our brain towards the happy mind of our souls. In us, citizens of humanity's third millennium, all ideologies merge in harmonious marriage, in tension without friction, conveniently rotating, taking turns from moment to moment on inspiring in us a certain blissful experience. Now, a moment … Continue reading We, children of humanity’s third millennium, we learned

Overcome the world of ideas, the condition for true living

We, human brains, we serve as slaves for our adopted ideas. For millennia we do and are this. We are fiercely protecting our beloved adhered-to ideas (ideals, idols, ideologies) from the light of love which would see them truly, as nothing at all. We exist only by adherence and servitude to ideas. Ideas are served … Continue reading Overcome the world of ideas, the condition for true living

This February, may we choose Love

seeing souls This February, may eight billion humans remember their hearts, the portals towards true love, Soul's love.  May eight billion brain neurons find their direct connection with the heart center and work together to keep it open and happy.  Say "yes" to certainty. Say "loving feels good". Say "thank you".  We love discovering we … Continue reading This February, may we choose Love

Listen to your heart, let your heart speak

Dear one, Know you are loved. The brain interprets or gives meaning. It sees something and immediately it finds a meaning. Then, it pronounces that meaning or  interpretation as true. This is how it keeps the story called "the world" going.  Take it slowly. Really really slowly. Give yourself time to notice the brain's mechanisms. … Continue reading Listen to your heart, let your heart speak

A community of open hearts

Now, I see a community of open hearted humans. I see this is the closest thing to the heavenly light cities of bright living souls humans can build on earth. Say the truth.  What do you really want?  What I truly want Here and Now is soul's loving gentle presence, its lightheartedness, all embracing, all affirming, kindness, friendliness.  … Continue reading A community of open hearts