Music Jazz ~ Coltrane with Monk In 1957, young saxophonist John Coltrane recorded with the idiosyncratic but already legendary pianist Thelonious Monk. They only produced two albums together, but both of them turned out to be hard bop masterpieces. On this collection featuring cuts from their brief but vital collaboration, Coltrane’s quickly evolving style adds lyricism and bite to Monk’s … More Music Jazz ~ Coltrane with Monk

Practicing the Art of Life Appreciation ~ Celibidache Garden

“What Celibidache did, and few musicians have the knack to such a degree, is an aggregate of a number of complex subtleties involving:  Fundamental tempi, of course  Phrasing / Articulation – which is a myriad of minute things in itself…. dynamic stresses, dynamic contouring (volume variance note to note within a phrase) – a slightly … More Practicing the Art of Life Appreciation ~ Celibidache Garden

For the love of Jazz

// 1959: A Vintage Year in Jazz, is a perfect collection of “just right” kind of jazz. … for me. Not very often I am so enthused by an album Apple Music suggests, enough to move me to make a playlist and post it. Imagine this small caffe with an authentic vintage unpretentious feel … … More For the love of Jazz