already here and yet keeps coming

Sh, be quiet mind! For you thinking is living. Let down your defenses, only for now. Trust a little and be quiet, only for a moment. Beloved Spirit of Aliveness is here,  Like a breeze breathing this chest Like a river beating this heart Like lightning impressing these eyes and senses and brain Like sweetness … Continue reading already here and yet keeps coming

Journey light, my friend, by ethereal mind

Here you are, infinite eternal being,  abundant magnificent life,  trying to find satisfaction in little trinkets,  limited ideas and limited images,  limited thoughts and emotions,  words and random meanings,  metal or plastic toys,  coins and colored papers.  No wonder all you find is misery and frustration.  It is only logical.  While taking this silly journey … Continue reading Journey light, my friend, by ethereal mind

meditation ends the world. aware living restored

Meditation ends the world. Aware living restored. Thought made the man-made world. Human thinking made words, giving meaning to sounds and giving names to all that appears in front of its eyes. Human thought made human seeing, the conceptual seeing, seeing of images of actual facts with thought-assigned meanings. Meanings are thoughts, attached like labels, … Continue reading meditation ends the world. aware living restored

Love wave of Reality

People everywhere are discovering feeling alive is free, here and now, at hand, ultimate joy of being, true freedom. People everywhere are turning their attention away from thought and all visible touchable things thought made Back onto feeling aliveness, in me, in you, in nature, everywhere. People everywhere are throwing away silly nonsense written or … Continue reading Love wave of Reality

I’m Life in love with Life

Speak the truth “I’m Life in love with Life” “I’m Life in love with whom is in love with Life,  with whom knows being Life” “I am You” When the happy dream is over Let all dreams be over. Smiling at the silliness Of shadows playing On veils like film tapes When veils fall When … Continue reading I’m Life in love with Life

Nature’s Mind

Eternal flowing infinity  Greater and greater Tinier and tinier  All the same Eternal flowing infinity The Point, unheard of In eternal flowing infinity  Just look or ask Nature “show me a point” “Nowhere to be found among Living, just look closer and see a blotch“ “what about a line?” “no line found within Living, just … Continue reading Nature’s Mind

Attention as the premise of intelligence

Attention Attention is awareness  Awareness is the premise of real joy. Attention arises when all mental objects are being allowed to dissolve. Even one little object kept in the mind causes innattention or mental sleep. An attentive mind is a crystal clear mind. Only an attentive mind is able to observe. Ability to observe is … Continue reading Attention as the premise of intelligence