Before perception there was poetry

Photo by Jonathan Knepper on Unsplash But first, let’s trace back perception. Do you remember perceiving without concepts? Before concepts where taught to you? Each thing was a sort of … feeling … like a vibration. Unique, yes, yet not particularly interesting, not worthy of more than a split second attention.Perception is a learned human … Continue reading Before perception there was poetry

I Human do have a choice. Become simple

ideas become objectsobjects take up spacelack of space is painfulbecause is unnaturalto all living beings egomind generates ideasknowledge is accumulation of ideassociety imposes knowledgemeditation is watching ideas dissolvepoetry is the cure for knowledge Alas, here I am, human … in this world.What to do?What is my choice?Let habits and conditioning dictate my direction?Or …sit quietly … Continue reading I Human do have a choice. Become simple

Sustainable Happiness, daily practice

sustainable happiness sustainable happiness ~ Daily practice ~  all thoughts belong inside a tiny black box in this cheerful silence standing still playfully observe subtle swaying movements space breathing loving being life ©️A. Garden, November 22, 2021 Read this little insight on Sustainable Happiness

choose again today ~ daily meditation

If I am willing to allow the possibility that every thought 💭 ever thought by everyone since always is a dream that vanished in an instant. If I remember I don’t know anything for certain. I am willing to STOP all doing, for now, I remember to breathe and say the only thing I know … Continue reading choose again today ~ daily meditation

We fear our desires, becoming fully conscious

We fear what we desire We fear the magnificence of our desire We fear the splendor of our desire We fear all the illusive obstacles we throw in the way of its fulfillment We fear the fulfillment of our desire We fear the peace that follows a fulfilled desire We fear the plethora of our … Continue reading We fear our desires, becoming fully conscious

Fear brain projection world and signs of becoming fully conscious

All is well. Fear brain wired for survival projects the world of fear we see. Test to prove that the fear brain (or egomind) projects the mad world of terror. When you feel angry or anxious, regardless the reason, go into a safe natural place. Walk through nature for thirty minutes or so. Return home … Continue reading Fear brain projection world and signs of becoming fully conscious

Only us

I take my brother’s hand, we stand up, and together we leave the cinema theater of egomind ”fight or flight” movies. It has been always just “us” after all. Never “them vs. us”. We return to real living. Peace and joy of being. We walk together. We sit and have tea together. Find new fresh … Continue reading Only us

their loving of living continuum

ideas, beliefs come apart into images and wordswords come apart into soundsimages come apart into pixels … A limitless sparkling sea of sounds and pixels and other unknown energy waves is the sea of reality where whole beings swim and play forevermore. Who could tell the tale of their loving of living continuum? Make yourself … Continue reading their loving of living continuum