A simple day to day moment to moment focus joy algorithm

How do focus and happiness relate to one another? Focus is direction of my energy. Happiness is the effect of constantly directing my focus on my real, natural, immediate joy. In the world, especially in present world (nothing wrong with the world), focus zigzags in a million directions. Consequently, we forget what’s the main idea … More A simple day to day moment to moment focus joy algorithm

Soft Focus on Existence ~ inner world meditation

Soft focus on existence: the warm gentle breeze inside my chest, the slow flowing rivers in my veins, calcareous rocks of my bones, muscles’ scenery, will fire of the solar plexus, irises’ portals to the world, radiant everflowing blooming of the heart, vision of things to come, sound of announcing things to come, within everunfolding … More Soft Focus on Existence ~ inner world meditation

Your life VS. Life

It’s not about you. Your life. It’s not your life. It’s not you living. All is Life. Living through all. Until you let Life Breathe through you … A. Garden, Jan. 2018

I Spirit I Human

I Spirit Soul draw myself a life with I Human pencil. I Human, powered by I Spirit, break the dark Nothing with the spark of a new idea. All I Human must do is stand still, go where I feel the nudge, when I feel the nudge, do what feels right. At times, I might … More I Spirit I Human

A Happy New You

Renewed body Innocent mind Crystal clear soul, May you learn to know The precious chosen desire Of becoming that Which is Forever new Water of Life. A. Garden, December 31st 2017