What will happen

Love is Home. What feels more restful than home? Where you find more peace and happiness? Love is space. What can be more secure,  more unshakable than space. Love is light. What is more playful than light, Please tell me, What is stronger than light? If more often I return home, What do you think … More What will happen

Not Yours Your Heart

Not yours, Your heart,  Your soul, Your body. If they were yours You would know Where they came from, You would know What they are made of, You woud know How they work. Andreea Garden, September 2017

Seize the magic

Make each moment bliss. Seize its magic. This is spirituality.  Andreea Garden, August 2017 Panarea

Like sand and ocean 

If your heart is made of stone,  pray its grinding into fine sand  so you may feel the gentle wave’s  caressing.  Andreea Garden, September 2017