Free Clean Energy

Become 100% sustainable? One energy form that is 100% clean and 100% free? Recognize your actual needs. Are your nutrient needs met by anything else than clean produce made by Nature, by Life? Are your heating and shelter needs met, without unnecessarily complicating your existence, by other than clean and natural Sun and Earth? Is … Continue reading Free Clean Energy

Asking impossible questions in Wonderland

Is it possible to dwell simply in nature, without complicated protective structures and contraptions and technologies, without any effort to grow or hunt and preserve necessary nourishment; to observe to understand nature, its laws and ways of being. Dissolve all personality (ego, psyche) attributes. Relate sanely, without ego, without center. Becoming part of nature. Is … Continue reading Asking impossible questions in Wonderland

Could the human psyche become natural, more like life?

When I am in nature, I don’t feel the urge to consume constantly. No need to constantly munch like a caterpillar, no need to mentally ingest ideas and images, neither through senses from the outter world, neither through daydreaming, from inner world. What happens to the human psyche when consuming comes to a complete stop? … Continue reading Could the human psyche become natural, more like life?