Seize the magic

Make each moment bliss. Seize its magic. This is spirituality.  Andreea Garden, August 2017 Panarea

Soul Studio 40 ~ Reboot Life

  Hm. Never understood what was the big idea regarding a certain age. Approaching 40. Life appears to request … uhm … clean restoration, freshness. Work space: inner (soul). Means: art, music, poetry, dance, nature, silent contemplation. Aim: psychological repair. Location: current (Sibiu). 

Practicing the Art of Life Appreciation ~ Sibiu Architecture p.1

Reading “Sibiu – City stories” at Astra Library.  Sibiu is 900 years old but has never been conquered by any invader. Sibiu was the capital of one of the most important Habsburg Monarchy’s province, Transylvania.  Sibiu is the home of many “firsts”: first museum in Romania, first Zoo garden, first paper mill, first bookstore,  first … More Practicing the Art of Life Appreciation ~ Sibiu Architecture p.1

Love of People

Here, in the city,Everything we see people who love people Decide “let it be”. People made buildings, People warm them out People invite water  run inside and out. People dare creating heart-melting works of art, People open food stores  And fancy coffee shops. People care for others,  listen, teach and heal, People express interest  in … More Love of People

A place far far away

   So many images all around these days. And yet it happens every now and then that a picture steals my breath away. I always can’t help of wondering … What is here? So warm, so familiar, so inviting, resting, pacifying? What exactly did the photographer “catch” with his shot?  “Oh, I better keep silent!” … More A place far far away