Soulful architecture is possible

“At a time where architecture is being reduced to seductive building forms and photogenic facades that are air-dropped into diverse contexts, regardless of their complex local cultural or climatic context, where over-simplified computer-generated renderings and often frivolous play of forms are becoming the norm, I hope that the Pritzker committee’s decision will bring the attention … Continue reading Soulful architecture is possible

Practicing the Art of Life Appreciation ~ Sibiu Architecture p.1

Reading "Sibiu - City stories" at Astra Library.  Sibiu is 900 years old but has never been conquered by any invader. Sibiu was the capital of one of the most important Habsburg Monarchy's province, Transylvania.  Sibiu is the home of many "firsts": first museum in Romania, first Zoo garden, first paper mill, first bookstore,  first … Continue reading Practicing the Art of Life Appreciation ~ Sibiu Architecture p.1

A place far far away

   So many images all around these days. And yet it happens every now and then that a picture steals my breath away. I always can't help of wondering ... What is here? So warm, so familiar, so inviting, resting, pacifying? What exactly did the photographer "catch" with his shot?  "Oh, I better keep silent!" … Continue reading A place far far away