Heaven is simple

In the train flying window glimpses like doors open and close  light speed. Yesterday, I had a glimpse that I loved. Today, the darling glimpse again, Yet longer. Tomorrow, perhaps, if … That glimpse Is my life.  ©Andreea Garden, October 2016 Image from Unsplash. Thank you!

A place far far away

   So many images all around these days. And yet it happens every now and then that a picture steals my breath away. I always can’t help of wondering … What is here? So warm, so familiar, so inviting, resting, pacifying? What exactly did the photographer “catch” with his shot?  “Oh, I better keep silent!” … More A place far far away

October Love

   Image credits : Google Images “Let’s go for a walk” You say. “What is the forecast?” I ask. “October love”. The park is quiet,  it smells like mist, You pick a rock,  a feather, and a leaf Gazing at trees,  your arm stretched behind  “We are invited  to a mysterious party Of mushrooms and … More October Love