A Happy New You

Renewed body Innocent mind Crystal clear soul, May you learn to know The precious chosen desire Of becoming that Which is Forever new Water of Life. A. Garden, December 31st 2017

What makes a home?

A great deal of thinking energy and building energy goes into making of the shell of our home, the house. However, it is the inner space that we inhabit. Better said, how we feel inside the interior space of our house determines wether or not we, our souls to be specific, feel at home.  But … More What makes a home?

Home is Heart Space: music, decor, light

Now playing … //playlists.applemusic.com/embed/pl.6f3763515c7a4cad87323d361c65ba7f?country=ro&app=music Slowly, I am learning how to play with all the little WordPress tricky widgets. “Home is where the heart is” they say. I’d say home is your heart inspired space. A soulful space only a courageous person can make. They are not afraid of hanging out on walls their precious treasures … More Home is Heart Space: music, decor, light

To a beautiful place

   A steady place.  A clean place. A good place.  A solid place. A peaceful place.  A heart filling place.   A quiet place. An inspiring place. A love place. A friendly place. A clear space. A blue place. A soft place. A fragrant place. A bright place. A magnificent place. A lively place. A … More To a beautiful place