A Warm Clinic / RIGI Design

"After RIGI is commissioned to do the design for this project, together with the owner, RIGI overthrows the original design concept. RIGI hopes to get rid of the sense of discomfort created by medical space through the space design, and to create a different atmosphere for the whole space. RIGI hopes to express the idea … Continue reading A Warm Clinic / RIGI Design

Home is Heart Space: music, decor, light

Now playing ... //playlists.applemusic.com/embed/pl.6f3763515c7a4cad87323d361c65ba7f?country=ro&app=music Slowly, I am learning how to play with all the little WordPress tricky widgets. "Home is where the heart is" they say. I'd say home is your heart inspired space. A soulful space only a courageous person can make. They are not afraid of hanging out on walls their precious treasures … Continue reading Home is Heart Space: music, decor, light