Human Interaction, three possible versions

Interaction timeline, version 1 You:  thought-thought-thought-breath-thought-thought-thought- breath- The other:  thought-thought-breath-thought-thought-breath-thought-thought- Interaction timeline, version 2 You: breath-feel-innerchildsmile-breath-feel-extend-breath-feel-innerchildsmile-breath-feel-extend The other: innerchildsmile-feel-breath-extend-breath-feel-innerchildsmile-feel-breath-extend-breath-feel Interaction timeline, version 3 You: thought-thought-thought-breath-thought-thought-thought-breath- The other: innerchildsmile-feel-breath-extend-breath-feel-innerchildsmile-feel- Notice the synchronisation or coherence that occurs at a certain moment of the timeline. © A. Garden, April 2022

Saving the world is saving yourself

Have you ever been in love? Really truly wholly … in love? Were there any troubles, anywhere, near or far, anywhere at all, in the world? Were you hungry? Were you afraid of anything? Were you slave to any thought, any ideology? Simple people are always in love. They never know anything else but love. … Continue reading Saving the world is saving yourself

See the many little things that are good

Photo by Sixteen Miles Out on Unsplash Only good is real. Reality is wholly good. What is not good is ego hallucination. Good feels good. What does not feel good is not real. Only good feels good. Good feels like first rays of sunshine after a long winter. Good feels like smooth sailing when the … Continue reading See the many little things that are good

A community of steadily burning hearts

Moving beyond thought does not take you into nothing. “Nothing” or “void” are also thought made concepts. Move beyond “nothing” thought. Even scientists discovered that vacuum space is not actually empty. Seeing through the eyes of a small child, before thought modified their seeing, seeing the plethora of energies and lights buzzing around, seeing the … Continue reading A community of steadily burning hearts

Breathe, feel Being playing

How silly to believe thought is real. How silly to waste time looking at all the things thought made, all the worlds, including the thought-taught way of seeing nature, including the thought-taught way of seeing the universe. Ah, glowing heart! Reach out! Make hearts happy for no reason!Impetuous spirit! Fly free! Unveil the real world! For … Continue reading Breathe, feel Being playing