“Planning” the Day

Hello, my inner world! What dress shall we design for me to wear? What music shall we compose today? What flowers shall we draw for me to find?  What pies shall we bake? What story shall we write? Andreea Garden, June 2017

Psychological Declutter Game, a Basic Spiritual Training Tool

Hello! Wanna play a game? I think I’ll call it psychological declutter  (a fancy expression for Ho’oponopono). Find a word that provokes an  emotional response (too pleasant or unpleasant).  Say “I love you”. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.  ….. ….. ….. Until you feel at peace inside.  Congratulations!  You have one item less psychological clutter.  Now, proceed … More Psychological Declutter Game, a Basic Spiritual Training Tool

The Meaning of Knowing Yourself

There are only two states of being: open (love) or closed (hate).  Love is flow, hate is obstruction.  Knowing yourself means knowing how to get yourself open at will, anytime, anyplace, in any circumstance.  The pinacle of personal development is knowing how to make yourself happy regardless.  Andreea Garden, June 2017