“No mind. No story. No end. Only beautiful unfolding.”

“Now we write songs, lyrics and music, together. Our life experience is poetry, every moment of it. We play in the Ocean called Life. We let ourselves disappear into Love. There is no story to be told anymore. For many, this is really scary, inconceivable even. And yet, this is true Life. No mind. No … More “No mind. No story. No end. Only beautiful unfolding.”

The Big Game

“Hello, Life Player! We, Theo and Mira, the creators of The Big Game, greet you! Congratulations for deciding to take part in Life’s joy of being! It’s the best game in this entire Universe. It’s the game Life is playing. You get to feel and join in the fun Life has. Let us begin your … More The Big Game

Theo and Mira, Loving Life ~ my first book

“A talented artist opens his door to a purposeless intuitive spiritual wanderer. Theo, the famous painter and writer struggling with chronic anxiety, unexpectedly welcomes in his home drenched-rain-frolicking-nature-talking Mira, the girl who traveled the world around. Their story is simple in its unfolding, cliché even, from the perspective of well-read romance reader. And yet, when … More Theo and Mira, Loving Life ~ my first book

Writing “Theo and Mira”

Writing is living an imaginary life, advisable when there is not much going on in “reality”.     “This world sucks, so I made my own” Alice says, in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, by Lewis Carroll. That’s how it started. One blessed day, when stars aligned and angels descended their graceful gaze upon me, I realized … More Writing “Theo and Mira”

Excerpt “Dark vortex of despair”

   “I’m here, my love! I’m right here! All is well!” But there was an unusual kind of silence into Theo’s mind. Tormenting blizzards whirling and screeching began, ice cold hands and arms grabbed her shoulders and hips, pulling her deeper into the dark vortex of despair.” Excerpt From: Garden, Andreea. “Theo and Mira.”