Power to make happy

https://www.youtube.com/embed/cMGoWV1bbKY Your thoughts transform water good thoughts make beauty as doctor Emoto discovered stay focused on your bliss. Like a prince  like a princess guard your mind’s kingdom establish a home for love alone.  feel natural happiness flowing  as eyes closed look within as breathing deepens  the gates to the River of Life open, water … Continue reading Power to make happy

How little reality a word carries

Here is why words and all based on words are illusions, dreamlike magic. At the first level of abstraction, a word reflects an actual object. However, only a minuscule quantity of traits of the object it represents is included into that abstraction. That set of selected traits acts like a lens through which all similar … Continue reading How little reality a word carries

How awareness shifts the world

Purpose of existence is joy, main activity is play. A sustainable world must align its foundations to these. The shift of human mentality, from struggle/survival-based mentality to creative/play mentality, must begin to reflect into world laws, education, health care, communication and business and all other organizations, institutions, all human mind-made conventions. We recognize that there … Continue reading How awareness shifts the world

Ready for happiness ~ when living becomes poetry

I am you. We are Life. We are pure crystal clear boundless infinite timeless eternal everflowing spirit of Life. This is an immutable fact. We pop into seemingly separate existence, we look at other seemingly separate existences, then we pop out of existence. This is an immutable fact of life. We return to our real … Continue reading Ready for happiness ~ when living becomes poetry

Origin of madness and spirituality in a nutshell

At the origin of madness is where the shift must take place. Failing to accept the temporary and illusive nature of I/ego is the mother of all fears and the origin of all egomind generated madness and hell. Enlightenment and spirituality in a nutshell: come to terms with the illusive nature and inevitable termination of … Continue reading Origin of madness and spirituality in a nutshell

Two ebooks GIFTED to you on Amazon until December 19 ~ thank you ~

Breathe. Walk. Feel. Take the quantum jump straight into the heart of alive awareness.Beyond spiritual practices of self realization, the soul reaches an inner place where all is alive tranquility. Love is the powerful engine and ship, carrying us back home. These carefully collected mystical poems transport us into a higher realm of existence. Cosmos, … Continue reading Two ebooks GIFTED to you on Amazon until December 19 ~ thank you ~