Immeasurable enchantment ~ from Krishnamurti’s Notebook

"28th Yesterday we were walking along the favourite road beside the noisy stream, in the narrow valley of dark pine trees, fields with flowers and in the distance the massive snow-covered covered mountain and a waterfall. It was enchanting, peaceful and cool. There, walking, that sacred blessing came, a thing that one could almost touch, … Continue reading Immeasurable enchantment ~ from Krishnamurti’s Notebook

“This too shall pass” ~ morning spontaneous writing

This pain. This heaviness. This bitterness. This tension. This discontent. Every morning. A bit of human psyche for me to dismantle today through seeing its reality. How light is living for small children. It takes great effort to create and sustain the experience of suffering. Picking up and carrying along bags of heavy matter: thoughts, … Continue reading “This too shall pass” ~ morning spontaneous writing