About My Therapy Practice

What is Everfresh Aliveness Spirituality?

It is a direct intuitive technique, free of complicated dogma and rituals, which enables one to access their own personal unique spirituality. We talk about spirituality as the fourth dimension of our human form, following the body (the physical dimension), the mind (the rational cognitive dimension), and the emotion (the regulatory dimension). Everfresh Aliveness Spirituality addresses both that which we call inner sensing, subtle sensations inside our physical body, and the specifics of our energy field which we experience directly as personal space. And that’s about it. Anything more than this is superfluous. Interesting, but unnecessary.

There is nothing interesting about Everfresh Aliveness. This gives mind no toys to play with. However, experiencing is ever so playful.

Everfresh Aliveness
Reconnects you to your home, the universe.
Shows you how to gain control of your spirituality
Demonstrates how each experience of each moment is a spiritual experience.
Teaches how to use your spirituality to gain wisdom or insight regarding food, shelter, body health, traveling, occurrences of historical and personal events, inter-human necessary relations and emotional health, creative endeavors, spiritual and material abundance.

All is based on one question, which when asked, awakens our intuitive senses and shifts the focus of our minds from outside, within.
Further, we explore spirituality of nature, how our food is being constantly created, we connect to animal spirituality, we learn to heal and regenerate our bodies, understand and calibrate the functioning of our emotions, learn to clean and free our minds to allow creativity to awaken, acquire rock strong trust and love of Life.

Everfresh Aliveness Spirituality ~ Live Communication
What is it?
A fresh looking at your life, here and now.
What does it do?
It points where to look for full life satisfaction.
Side effects might include clear mind, peace of heart, cell regeneration, awaken creativity.
How does it work?
Email to request a live chat. Listen deeply. Do the exercises presented to you.



Theo and Mira Basic Spiritual Training

“The difference between war and games is a calm mind and a compassionate heart.”



What is Spirituality?

A child comes to a big fancy party. There is a huge gourmet buffet stretching out along the walls of the ball room. There is elaborate dancing taking place. The guests communicate incomprehensibly. Everyone is most elegantly dressed. Here, he cannot have fun. Not yet. He is not ready. First, he goes to a children’s party where he learns many things: what is good to eat, how to dress to feel good, how to dance to feel good, how to best talk, how to best act. Best means pleasantly for all. It is a great art. To learn it one must use many if not all of its innate capabilities: body, intellect, emotion, and to bring them all together, intuition. Yes, intuition is the simplest readily available form of spirituality. Intuition is a direct knowing which occurs from focused yet unbiased observation.
Intuition is simply looking, both outside of my self and inside as well.
A child uses intuition to look at the night sky and feel as if the entire universe extends out of his own body, his fingers caressing the stars as if playing with shiny pebbles in a big pond, his hands trying to catch the stars as if he would catch fireflies. Tomorrow he’ll be chasing butterflies in a flower field. As he grows older, the joy of chasing butterflies transfers to chasing a football or any other ball, later to chasing girls, and, at maturity, ideas. Man is always moving on, reaching higher, going further, where no one has gone before.
Intuition is a way of learning fast, while moving on.
Intuition teaches nice playing. This “nice” is key.
It means it is commonly understood that only as long as all involved are having fun, there can be a game.

What is the use of spirituality?

Spirituality refers to using your innate ability of knowing Life through deep clean seeing, listening, and mostly sensing. Enables you to live without fear. In real joy.
Questions like
1. Who are you?
2. Who is the other?
3. Where do we come from and where are we going?
4. What is life on earth?
5. What is the opposite of death?
6. What are you to do? Results from who you are.
7. How to relate to another? Results from who is the other.
8. What am I creating? How am I creating?

find their unspeakable personal resolution through everfresh aliveness spirituality.

Spirituality is responsible for:
~ understanding, accepting and releasing events and situations that occur in your experience
~ understanding, accepting and freeing yourself from your own mind’s binds.
~ easier navigation through life’s forest and seas
~ enhanced enjoyment of life’s experiences
~ enhanced resiliency during and speeded recovery after harsh experiences
~ enhanced peace of mind regarding life’s existential problems
~ pleasant and deeper relations with others
~ beautiful elegant useful creativity
~ experience now fully a desire or wish

Spirituality is like a beautiful angel or winged horse, the more time and attention you feed it, the stronger it gets, the easier and more pleasantly it will carry you through life’s journey. Spirituality prepares you for receiving the full manifestation of your desires.

What is a business?
A game grown up people invent as an excuse to make friends.
Wanna play my game?
I am Andreea, an intuitive and spiritual explorer for as long as I can remember, I spent the last twenty years of my life distilling and extracting from all spiritual teachings available that which I believe is essential for a naturally playful existence and turned them into a training game, basic spiritual training, and a fresh way of looking at the world.
Be(come) calm. Be(come) kind. Be(come) real. Be(come) independent. Be(come) fun. Be(come) playful. Be(come) grounded. Be(come) abundant.
Love poetry. Love music. Love dance. Love gardens. Love nature. Love the sea. Love Life.
How many absolutely new experiences this moment uncovers?

Send me an email through the contact form above and get ready to play with Life!