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“The difference between war and games is a calm mind and a compassionate heart.”




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If you believe somewhere deep that you came here, in this life, with a mission, with work to do, to accomplish something, to change something, then you are automatically drawn to people and situations which will make that belief reality. “I must save poor souls trapped in darkness.” “I must enlighten as many as possible minds.” “I must save the world.” “I must find a cure.” “I must take care for others in need.” “I must do something, I must impress others, I must make a noise, I must get their attention.” Any thought that causes a feeling of anxiousness or urgency … you either care too much for others and not enough for yourself, or you care too much for yourself disregarding and using others.
If you manage to delete that belief, you become free to play. Your first duty and fundamental loyalty is that to your inner child. Because if we do not become as children, we shall not enter the gardens of heavens.
What is a business?
A game grown up people invent as an excuse to make friends.
Wanna play my game?
I am Andreea, a spiritual explorer for as long as I can remember, I spent the last twenty years of my life distilling and extracting from all spiritual teachings available that which I believe is essential for a naturally playful existence and turned them into a training game: basic spiritual training.
Be(come) calm. Be(come) kind. Be(come) real. Be(come) independent. Be(come) fun. Be(come) playful. Be(come) grounded. Be(come) abundant.
Love poetry. Love music. Love dance. Love gardens. Love nature. Love the sea. Love Life.
How many absolutely new experiences this moment uncovers?

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