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We are grateful to participate to your journey to sustainable happiness by facilitating clarity and positive “feel good” states, by offering our expertise for overcoming mental obstacles and by training the mind for joyful multidimensional living.

Certified Integrative Wellness Coach Practitioner

We are coming out!
We are coming to you, for you! After years of writing and reading and learning and practicing, we wish to meet you and become a part of your journey to sustainable happiness.

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We breathe. We feel. We walk. We neutrally observe. We ask a good question. We listen. We delight in feeling being life.

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Daniela Andreea “Garden” Toma

Our Coaching Approach

We desire sustainable happiness. A feel good state of overall unconditional contentment and deep peace. We travel easily through mind experiences.

We start with clarity.

We consciously observe experience. 

What EXACTLY is human experience? What are its fundamental components? 

We notice our addiction to experience subsided. We discovered the pure joy of being and of moving forward, through new experiences.

Next, we need to unlock our natural feel good state.

We must look with compassion and determination at how our core fear, fear of feeling totally always loved and loving, completely satisfied and happy, disguises itself as various forms of fear by generating thoughts. The chaos of thoughts is the breeding ground for all unhappiness. 

We feel genuinely unconditionally content, loved, happy, satisfied, fulfilled only in the present moment. 

Fear must avoid the present moment, by seeking to escape in the past or future (which are but thought), to another location (which is but thought), to another person (whose image in our mind is but thought), in physical or mental activities (which are complex ideas of running away from fear’s thought) or in combat (in trying to fight fear’s thought). 

Fear must think up more experiences. More, more, more … faster. 

So we learn together to observe fear and to recognize our tendencies to engage with thoughts. This is forgiveness: recognition of thought engagement.

How can we live in the world without thought? Easily, simply, naturally, happily ever after. After all, all life forms live and thrive without thought, which makes them truly intelligent. The absence of thought is intelligence, beauty, a wonderful world.

We love only absolute certainty.

We intentionally consciously sporadically employ thought as a tool for a necessary practical activity. 

We feel open, free, confident, willing, ready for new, yet calm, at peace. Loved and loving. Happy. One.

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