Inner Adventure ~ Play with Life


What is this about?
The journey within. Discovering the other realm: your Soul, the quantum field.

How we’ll be traveling by?
Stories and games.

What is the purpose of this adventure?

Who is guiding you?
Light of your heart’s center.

Who am I?
A girl who fell in love with the mysterious unseen. A woman passionate for exploring without solving mysteries of Life, love and the Universe.

What is my philosophy?
No expectations. No thoughts. No emotions. No judgements. No interpretations. No words. No speaking.
No fear. No mind. No world.
Now. Step. Light. Heart. Feel.
Thankful. Playful.

What is my story?

Lived some life. Stumbled and fall a million times into the dark depression.

Learned to love life, no matter what.

Love transforms and births anew.

Learned nothing needs to be done.

The world is a but a dream. It’s all about perception, the way you look at things. Perception is a trainable ability. One can train to see the way you prefer to see.

If nothing needs to be done doesn’t mean nothing has to be done. Find your joy!

The fun of creating a new game.

The fun of having to think about a

set of rules:

  • Take it easy. Breathe. Walk. Feel.
  • Look beyond (or through) what you see, the world is a dream or a veil, the veil of your perception, of your minds conditioning.
  • Use the negative perception to swiftly turn you, launch you the other way
  • Follow your heart’s bliss
  • Play your joys
  • Sense moment’s energy
  • Just be

What do I like most?

Sunlight. Warmth. Observing nature. Meeting people who love (or at least at peace with) Life. Playing with Life.

What is my work?

My work is creating games for Life loving people, games which invite personal direct experience of subtle energies of the quantum field, the heart energy. Main purpose of these games is fun, but side effects include realization of own role in the creation and expansion of the universe, resilient health, creativity activation, daily mundane enchantments.

What can you expect from an individual or group session?

We’ll start from where we are, from where you are at in life. Specific words and games will come forth from inspiration. We take one step at a time until we reach your heart. I’ll assist you in clearing the obstacles and keeping you on the right track. Once we reach the heart, we will receive even more inspiration regarding your special words and processes (games) for you to use on a daily basis for ensuring you are always, at all times, centered into your heart. Then, the fun begins: finer and finer tuning into variations of love energy of your universe.

What is the core of my understanding?
I am a mini universe, the same are you. Pure life energy, pure information.
The universe is holographic. Projected from the source of information onto the interface we call brain, I experience the world as images, sounds and tactile sensations. Pure projections are “tempered with” by interferences of our archaic brain, the center of fear or fight for supremacy, and its memories stored into our DNA.
One single action is required for humans to realize their own divine inheritance: finding the spring of Life energy (Love) within your center.
Returning to Love is an individualy unique process which requires full attention, quick inspired actions and 100% dedication. While inviting you into my already calm-crafted space might help you feel serene for the time being, it will leave you unsure of how to apply any gained knowledge into your chaotic life situation. That’s why I’ll be the one accompanying you into your daily mundane life. I’ll help you come up with games and exercises to apply while “on the go”.
Returning to love means reconnecting the mind with the heart. The heart is the center of human being just like the sun is the center of the sollar system or as the Great Central Sun the center of our galaxy. The heart is our source of energy. Through the portal heart, pure information and energy flows, filling our being. The work we must do is clearing away old unnecessary thoughts and energies, to create more empty space for life energy to fill us.
We learn appropriate words to use, words that are aligned with the energy of the heart.
We train to override the impulsive analytical mind’s fear-based thinking by returning to feeling center, the heart.
Each thought we think, each word we speak, each action we make is either fueld by archaic instinctive animal brain through fear, or fueld by the heart center of Love through inspiration. We train to deliberatly choose, moment by moment, the power source.

What changes brings in my life centering in my heart?

Your mood becomes stable positive, optimistic.
You gain inner knowing, the basis of unshakable trust in Life.
You feel inspired in all situations. Your creativity is activated which brings prosperity.
Your holographic perception of the world becomes clearer and clearer.
Your attitude towards others becomes kind, patient and accepting.
Your entourage changes to people with a similar understanding.
Playful easy going mood.
As you become more finely tuned to Life energy’s subtle variations, your enchantment with daily mundane activity increases exponentially.
You realize the pure manifestation of your desire: this moment.
You realize the progressive construction of your own inner paradise.
You feel more and more at home inside your universe.
You realize the outer world as a faithful copy of your inner world.

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