Probably the most important learning and practice, spirituality, has been made unnecessarily dogmatic and heavy.

We offer you a playful way to practice essential spiritual skills for finding real peace, health, wealth and happiness and have fun at the same time.

It’s all in the mind. The only question is …

“What is your game?”

About the mind. There are two distinctive parts in the mind: one awake (or aware, conscious) and one dreaming. If the second one, the dreaming mind, is connected to the awake part, we experience lucid dreaming or … imagination. If not, is called by-default or automated and looping dreaming (what you lived yesterday you live again and again). Here, in the dreaming mind, it’s where the games take place. When I say games I mean everything that happens in the dreaming mind. Variety, choices, developments, stories, precognitions, near or far far away, in a distant space … or time. We call it reality because we are all sharing it. But real is only the awake mind (one and the same, now and forever). We have games to help you experience and discover for yourself these truths. Through games you discover which dreams you would love to play and which games you decided ahead of time you’ll play.

About the energy. In short, when you know (awake, become aware) you are dreaming but allow the dream to continue, it’s when the fun begins. A simple connection must be made. Just like plugging your computer into the socket where electricity is. Of course, pugging it just once is not enough. You must plug it every day, or more, as soon as you feel you are running out of battery, meaning when you are feeling less energetic, less happy. The entire variety of dream mind is being powered by the same one energy source. Through games you discover your best way to connect to source.

So now, tell me,

once you know

you can always came back home and recharge yourself,

you either learn the rules of a game already on or

you make the rules of your own game,

you will never stop playing because joy is the whole purpose of this entire universe,

now …

how would you play? What would you play?