Seize the magic

Make each moment bliss. Seize its magic. This is spirituality.  Andreea Garden, August 2017 Panarea

Like sand and ocean 

If your heart is made of stone,  pray its grinding into fine sand  so you may feel the gentle wave’s  caressing.  Andreea Garden, September 2017

Nothing to teach

If I were to teach you one thing If you were to listen to one thing …  I’d say … “There is nothing to learn,  nothing to seek,  nothing to do,  nothing to become.  Seize the moment  For sweeter enjoyment.”  How to do that, you ask? Just look. Andreea Garden, August 2017

Everfresh Looking ~ poem

And yet, breathing is Everfresh And yet, heartbeat is Everfresh And yet, light is Everfresh Space Silence All comes from that And to that returns. Only looking Starry eyes. Andreea Garden, August 1st 2017 ©

Fresh Garden Grown Home Baked Spirituality – what is spirituality?

What is spirituality?  Is learning to feel inside and beyond.  Is learning to play nicely.  Is learning to travel light.  Is learning to live a beautiful eternity.  Learning by looking. Intuition  mid-15c., intuicioun, “insight, direct or immediate cognition, spiritual perception,” originally theological, from Late Latin intuitionem (nominative intuitio) “a looking at, consideration,” noun of action … More Fresh Garden Grown Home Baked Spirituality – what is spirituality?