One choice ~ a poem about nature of reality and choosing ❤️

What now? I ask. What comes next? Breathe. Close your eyes. What do you sense? Start slowly. What is here now? What sounds, what colors, what fragrances, what feelings? This holographic Now … where is it projected from? My mind? Your Now building blocks are always your yesterday’s strongest thoughts. Are they pleasing to you? … Continue reading One choice ~ a poem about nature of reality and choosing ❤️

The Meaning of Thank You

Clearly, simply, “thank you” means “I receive it”. You wonder why it is so hard to say thank you? Perhaps because we think instead of appreciating. Perhaps because we are afraid the “it” might contain a bitter medicine. Perhaps because we are too proud to admitt our needs and likes get satisfied by the miraculous … Continue reading The Meaning of Thank You

Appreciation Workshop in Sibiu

Practicing the art of appreciation in Sibiu just got fancy. A few people in Sibiu are interested in learning and practicing this perception altering art. We meet, walk and talk about things we love and things we don’t love. We experiment with applying the magic words Thank You I love You onto everything until we … Continue reading Appreciation Workshop in Sibiu