Good morning, inner life – poem by A.Garden

Good morning, inner sunshine Good morning, inner world Good morning, home of my Soul Good morning, angels of light Good morning, sea of love Good morning, birds of new beginning This new day sings words of praise This new day celebrates seeing This new day feels soft and warm This new day opens a portal  … Continue reading Good morning, inner life – poem by A.Garden

Practicing the Art of Appreciation ~ Christmas Fair in Big Square Skylark song video

It's only fair to recognize that something is always going on. And I don't mean just in a big city. Anywhere. Always. Have we got our senses awaken? ​​ A young talented artist performed The Skylark song tonight. full original version played by world renown Romanian pan flute Master Gheorghe Zamfir

Practicing the Art of Life Appreciation 

Hello, dear friends. I apologize for holding back my expressions. I felt confused lately. Thanks to a loyal friend who relentlessly supports my work, encouraging me to write and post regardless, @New England Nomad, I came back to my senses, my real senses. I write because I enjoy it and makes me feel alive. All rest … Continue reading Practicing the Art of Life Appreciation