Open Letter

Dear Man/Architect/Builder/Professional/Intellect, Over engineering the world you made will NOT make beautiful. Will NOT make it work. Will NOT make it happy. Will NOT solve but multiply problems by every single confused action you take. Will definitely NOT save it from collapse. It is time you accept the one reality of absolute universal laws. The … Continue reading Open Letter

Contemporary Creators ~ Bjarke Ingels

I love beholding the creator at work. I love listening to his ideas and philosophy. I love enjoying the completed masterpiece. Bjarke Ingels does not compromise but melds pleasing design, leisurely lifestyle and sustainability. He created Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) Architecture firm, with head office in Copenhagen. BIG proved that architecture means more than designing … Continue reading Contemporary Creators ~ Bjarke Ingels

How to use real artists for your extraordinary venture

You are a millionaire. You want to stand out. You want to make something amazing. You want to be one of a kind. You set out for an extraordinary venture. You know the biz, you know the "money ways". You want to bring it down, make it happen.  Scenario 1. You think you know how … Continue reading How to use real artists for your extraordinary venture