Quality of the human mind. Can I trust my brain?

Is your brain clear? Fresh? Natural? Is your thinking straight? Real? Aligned to Life? Doubting the quality of human brain might get us some valuable insights. Ever wonder why those early childhood years are happiest times of our lives? What happens to the human brain at age 6 or even earlier?  Social conditioning. Social conventions … Continue reading Quality of the human mind. Can I trust my brain?

It is the light

Many moments pass, seemingly lost forever in the bottomless abyss of unconscious. Some moments stay forever. After thirty years, I still remember that particular moment of that particular day. There was nothing special about that moment. How? As years went by, other forever seconds appeared and joined what I thougth them to be “sweet childhood … Continue reading It is the light

…been working on my (newest) website … here’s a peek

Remember those childhood moments when time stood still, light had a certain surreal quality and every tiny thing seemed to ... breathe? Be alive? Remember when making friends was naturally easy, when you felt truly and completely loved? When you felt innately happy without doing anything in particular?  We were so completely immersed into our … Continue reading …been working on my (newest) website … here’s a peek