Understanding (bio)energy. Ep.2 One Step Clean&Renew

One thing to know about bioenergy: It does you.  One thing you must do: relax enough to allow it to do its thing.  One best way to relax: return home. Returning home means bringing your mind (masculine principle) at the place where bioenergy begins and ends to begin again: your heart center (feminine principle). Home. … Continue reading Understanding (bio)energy. Ep.2 One Step Clean&Renew

A return to innocence. The seeing.

  A return to innocence. The exquisite place. Where attention reigns. The kind of starry eyed attention, not too sharp, not too soft. Sincere. The spontaneous kind of attention, like the breeze of the sea, invigoratingly refreshed by every blink of the eye. Space itself drowns in that joyous naiveté. The pure simple innocent looking. … Continue reading A return to innocence. The seeing.