We make our heaven ~ a possible song

We make our heaven piece by piece, When we just do  what's natural logical now Smiling, we carry on We walk on steady smooth paths The world is full of everything Someone's trash is another's treasure Someone's heaven is another's hell Who can say what's good or bad Just breathing  Just clearing Just smiling I'm … Continue reading We make our heaven ~ a possible song

To a beautiful place

   A steady place.  A clean place. A good place.  A solid place. A peaceful place.  A heart filling place.   A quiet place. An inspiring place. A love place. A friendly place. A clear space. A blue place. A soft place. A fragrant place. A bright place. A magnificent place. A lively place. A … Continue reading To a beautiful place

…been working on my (newest) website … here’s a peek

Remember those childhood moments when time stood still, light had a certain surreal quality and every tiny thing seemed to ... breathe? Be alive? Remember when making friends was naturally easy, when you felt truly and completely loved? When you felt innately happy without doing anything in particular?  We were so completely immersed into our … Continue reading …been working on my (newest) website … here’s a peek