how do you recognize you are in a world of conflict game

It is impossible to believe there is a way out of the world of conflict. But that is the one single work of all spiritual teachers, old and new: to point it to you. The world of conflict has changed (not going to say "it evolved") over time, from physical/war conflict, to achievements/economic conflict and … Continue reading how do you recognize you are in a world of conflict game

It is here

It is here. This. Now. This immensity. This aloneness. Being. Never old. Never boring. Never limited. Never far. Never touchable. Never seen. Never heard. Never imaginable. Being. Never divided. Never together. Never afraid. Never conflicted. Never enthused. ©️A. Garden, July 2019

The Birthplace of Kindness

Solution to all conflict is kindness. What appears as an act of kindness, What appears as heartfelt benevolence towards another Is a side effect of corrected perception Is a result of realizing the correct answer to the question “Who is the other?” Those who dared to reach out and meet another, People of courage and … Continue reading The Birthplace of Kindness

Source of all conflict

Because we live many lives, some of past, others of future Because we build too many stories Because we mistakenly perceive the natural tension Upon which the world is built, Because we are dreaming Dreams of conquests. Because parts of our souls are still trapped in stories, all kinds of conflicts inside ourselves arise. How … Continue reading Source of all conflict