Good morning, Universal Being!

I don’t know if you have ever tried to awake a teenager. It is not easy and it is not pretty. He wants to keep dreaming, he does not want to be awake and responsible for his thoughts. He wants to keep frolicking in fantasy land. He does not easily let himself be conviced that … Continue reading Good morning, Universal Being!

The Sword of Truth

world, separation, fear, force, effort, achieve, earn, prove, become, resent, complain, blame, pride, doing, looking, compare, duality, seeking, pursuit, thinking, judging, past, future, wanting, dreams, hopes, glamour OR Truth, Unity, Love, All, Being, Seeing, Beauty, Light, Simple, Awake, Now, Here, Breath, Power, Heaven on Earth So I learned to ask every single thought that comes … Continue reading The Sword of Truth

Heart Inspired or Animal Inspired and Why Both are Necessary

An addendum to 101 Basic Spiritual Practice Manual Heart Inspired or Animal Inspired In the original well functioning bubble ship, there are only two sources of inspiration (out of which information-energy in the form of thoughts-ideas flow towards the Captain) : the Heart and the Animal. Information from the Heart is always about moving your … Continue reading Heart Inspired or Animal Inspired and Why Both are Necessary