Create Time and Space and The Next Best Thing

Some thoughts In the process of preparing the meditation workshop, I have come to ask myself “what do I love to create”. “Moments” the answer appeared immediately. It was the voice of my feminine self. “And spaces”, my masculine self replied. When at least some space in the mind is cleared, a (new) moment may … Continue reading Create Time and Space and The Next Best Thing

State of Play or Creative Meditation

Meditation is the basic state of mind for any therapeutic practice. Unless mind is clean, emptied of all worry and expectation, healing, which means recovery of natural well being, has no space to happen. In my healing practice, I experimented with various forms of meditating, from simple breathing kinds to more elaborated like Reiki, or … Continue reading State of Play or Creative Meditation

A New Game, Socrates advises 

   "Dear Socrates, The game you started (Probably, or one of your followers) This game called civilized society Acquired too many Twist and turns Too many revolutions Evolutions, involutions, Too many viruses And glitches.  Now is just one big mess." "Stop playing it" Socrates answered. "Write yourself a new one. After all, you know yourself … Continue reading A New Game, Socrates advises