Good morning, Universal Being!

I don’t know if you have ever tried to awake a teenager. It is not easy and it is not pretty. He wants to keep dreaming, he does not want to be awake and responsible for his thoughts. He wants to keep frolicking in fantasy land. He does not easily let himself be conviced that … Continue reading Good morning, Universal Being!

Truth be told

I am Infinite Intelligence in a small body on a small blue planet. This is a virtual reality which I create as I move along. I am here to enjoy my own Self. My joy is heaven on earth. I am incessant movement, peaceful and poised. I am always surrounded by Goldenwhite Lovelight I love … Continue reading Truth be told

Architecture of Experience

Architecture of Experience It starts with space. A point. I am. A circle. A new world. Two circles intersected. A simple scape: sky, above, sea, the intersection part and earth, below. Three circles. A pyramid. A simple object. It might become a tree, a mountain or a boat. Introducing colors. Turquoise and blue for the … Continue reading Architecture of Experience

Observations on creativity and a painting in progress

Creator is a constructor, not a magician. Creation is a work in continuous renovation, improvement, polishing. Man may cross from survival mode to creative mode but each person in his or her own (easy) way. Men must dare at some point to create their own world. Their world may be a relationship, a family, a … Continue reading Observations on creativity and a painting in progress

State of Play or Creative Meditation

Meditation is the basic state of mind for any therapeutic practice. Unless mind is clean, emptied of all worry and expectation, healing, which means recovery of natural well being, has no space to happen. In my healing practice, I experimented with various forms of meditating, from simple breathing kinds to more elaborated like Reiki, or … Continue reading State of Play or Creative Meditation