Mastery of creation and the heart

Photo by Julian Scagliola on Unsplash Creator (you) never stops creating, even while he sleeps. Master creator has overcome the human inner problem generator/solver. Master creator emanates only beauty and wellness and happiness. NonMaster creators are still allowing the inner problem generator/solver to emanate problems all around. Overcoming the inner problem generator/solver is the work … Continue reading Mastery of creation and the heart

One must do the inner work first ~ writing

Again, I feel like running away, hidding in the forest, far away from all human craziness. But my heart says “stay, salvation is here, you must trust it”. There is no place to run and hide away from yourself. All this takes place in you. You and only you can know and manage you. There … Continue reading One must do the inner work first ~ writing

Excerpts from “Theo and Mira, Loving Life”

“Now we write songs, lyrics and music, together. Our life experience is poetry, every moment of it. We play in the Ocean called Life. We let ourselves disappear into Love. There is no story to be told anymore. For many, this is really scary, inconceivable even. And yet, this is true Life. No mind. No … Continue reading Excerpts from “Theo and Mira, Loving Life”

All about spirituality

Inside is warm and comfortable Outside is cold and unexpected. Inside food and drinks always at hand. Outside, the race for essentials. Inside, peace and tranquility Outside, chaos and madness. Inside, my typewriter and my watercolors. Outside, noisy heavy machines. Inside, my passion and joy. Outside, meaningless effort. Inside, flowers in vase, tea and bread … Continue reading All about spirituality

A polarized world; Is it natural? Is it logical? ~ an interview with The Little Prince

We have a few burning questions to ask. We tried to find some unbiased real intelligence on planet Earth but we couldn't at this time. So we turned to Asteroid B-612 where we are certain we’ll find good clean answers. ~ Interview with The Little Prince ~ "One sees clearly only with the heart. The … Continue reading A polarized world; Is it natural? Is it logical? ~ an interview with The Little Prince

Contemporary Creators ~ Bjarke Ingels

I love beholding the creator at work. I love listening to his ideas and philosophy. I love enjoying the completed masterpiece. Bjarke Ingels does not compromise but melds pleasing design, leisurely lifestyle and sustainability. He created Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) Architecture firm, with head office in Copenhagen. BIG proved that architecture means more than designing … Continue reading Contemporary Creators ~ Bjarke Ingels