This is poetry of living

Hello. I am here, Universe!” she whispered. “Hello. I am here, Universe!” the Universe replied. What more glorious experience for I than the creative attempt of describing an invisible endless flowing sea of sparkling electricity. This “I am” can make sound and can assign meaning to sounds, inventing words. This “I am” invented the point … Continue reading This is poetry of living

Mastery of creation and the heart

Photo by Julian Scagliola on Unsplash Creator (you) never stops creating, even while he sleeps. Master creator has overcome the human inner problem generator/solver. Master creator emanates only beauty and wellness and happiness. NonMaster creators are still allowing the inner problem generator/solver to emanate problems all around. Overcoming the inner problem generator/solver is the work … Continue reading Mastery of creation and the heart

I, woman, create a feeling: authenticity

We are swimming in a sea of "attempts", incomplete ideas that our childish mind generate, plus the mess we make in the complicated process of "making them". But we keep on doing the same thing over and over. We refuse to change our minds. We refuse to ask for better minds. Unified, integrated, simplified, cleared, … Continue reading I, woman, create a feeling: authenticity