Don’t be so serious

Beloved, throw away your weapons, smite the eyes of fear, burn to ashes the million tongues of passion, no need for language, watch monsters dissipate as pixels on a screen, grow bigger than the cell you crafted around, burst out! Here, in the open atmosphere of peace and joy, friends and lovers play, winning always. … Continue reading Don’t be so serious

The World from Now’s Point of View

There is nothing to think about the world. From Now’s point of view, the world is but an image projected onto retina of the eye, combined with sound. Occasionally, throw in some tactile sensations. Now’s perspective is useful (indispensable even) when seeking real love and everlasting happiness. P. S. What is not Now’s perspective, surely … Continue reading The World from Now’s Point of View

Three Worlds and Forgiveness

Life is like a tree. It has three parts: the roots with dirt around them (what shamans call the Underworld, what religions call Hell), the crown with leaves, flowers and fruits (the Upperworld, the Heavens), and the trunk where crossings happens (the Middle World, the World). Roots people work hard sifting dirt to produce dirt … Continue reading Three Worlds and Forgiveness