Love wave of Reality

People everywhere are discovering feeling alive is free, here and now, at hand, ultimate joy of being, true freedom. People everywhere are turning their attention away from thought and all visible touchable things thought made Back onto feeling aliveness, in me, in you, in nature, everywhere. People everywhere are throwing away silly nonsense written or … Continue reading Love wave of Reality

I’m Life in love with Life

Speak the truth “I’m Life in love with Life” “I’m Life in love with whom is in love with Life,  with whom knows being Life” “I am You” When the happy dream is over Let all dreams be over. Smiling at the silliness Of shadows playing On veils like film tapes When veils fall When … Continue reading I’m Life in love with Life

Only Life is real so let it be Life

Every moment choosing feeling natural aliveness within,  which means choosing love,  letting go of any mental hooks, distractions,  temptations of fleeting sensations After all, the body is one of the many 3D projections of the one multidimensional Soul Only Life is real So let it be Life All that isn't pure simple Life, is nothing … Continue reading Only Life is real so let it be Life

Before the point and the circle

First, what has been done  must come undone, So let us undo meanings  of sounds and images. Let sounds just be sounds, images, just shapes and colors, let our thoughts fall in love. Nothing really matters as all is already perfect. Oh, the beautiful feelings that live in the clarity Eternal, sacred, beauty, what has … Continue reading Before the point and the circle

How to save the Planet? Save yourself. Move into Nature. Join Life.

As above, so below.  As heaven, so earth, existence and nonexistence, dream and reality,  sleep and awakeness,  living and dying,  love and thought,  waves and particles,  shifting back and forth at an incomprehensible speed. Dear Human,  you are the only life-form  that has a problem with this.  You have a problem  with existence ... and … Continue reading How to save the Planet? Save yourself. Move into Nature. Join Life.

The boxes of men

What would the world be without straight lines? What would freedom be without mazes? What would men be without boxes? Categories? Hierarchies? Levels? Stages? Mechanisms? Models? Theories? Systems? Programs? Stories? Magic shows? Constructions? What would Life be without games? The excitement of being lost and finally found, of being trapped then finally freed, of speeding … Continue reading The boxes of men