Practicing the Art of Life Appreciation 

Hello, dear friends. I apologize for holding back my expressions. I felt confused lately. Thanks to a loyal friend who relentlessly supports my work, encouraging me to write and post regardless, @New England Nomad, I came back to my senses, my real senses. I write because I enjoy it and makes me feel alive. All rest … Continue reading Practicing the Art of Life Appreciation 

Chapter Seven. A New Journey

Image from Google Copyright Daniela Andreea Toma 2015. All rights reserved. In the breezy sunny rustic kitchen with old french style furniture and a cast iron stove, four pastel dresses decorated the off white wooden chairs sitting around a table filled with milk glasses, forks, cloth napkins and little ceramic plates where pumpkin pie died … Continue reading Chapter Seven. A New Journey

Ready To Be Love ~ A poem

  Ready to be Love Flowers are getting impatient, Hummingbirds spinning on spot, Tree leaves resisting the breeze: “Will she ever wake up?” Rise, my love! The garden its awaiting to greet you: “Good morning, our Queen!” Wipe that awful scene Of darkness and fear. Nothing to do. Just rise, Take my hand, Tell me … Continue reading Ready To Be Love ~ A poem

Spring! Chores, Plans and Dreams

Yesterday, my husband cooked while I was busy planting blueberry, raspberry, black currant and red currants. It's a real green rainy birds chirping puppies jumping spring here in center Romania. Much expected and anticipated spring, loaded with gardening plans and dreams of summer flowers, friends parties on patio and crunchy flavorful vegetables. Could be overwhelming … Continue reading Spring! Chores, Plans and Dreams