A space as promised

It is here Under my feet Above my head And all around me Simple white Golden light No perceivable shape No thing and yet all possible Ultimate safest place Ultimate healing Ultimate nurturing place Warm, soft, so familiar. A place all have access to Individually Alone Yet few remember or dare to enter Ultimate peace … Continue reading A space as promised

She Breathes ~ A Poem by Andreea Garden

  She Breathes   From childhood she has been seeking something she could not name not even imagine. Colors of the sunset, waves of the ocean, music of the heart, a voice of an angel, books of holy words, gardens of wonder, sweet reminders of Home. This child could fly. Then ... she grew up. … Continue reading She Breathes ~ A Poem by Andreea Garden

Just think Now

Just think now. Now... I feel Now ... I breathe deeply Now ... I am calm Now ... I watch a meaningless show of words and images Now ... I feel inspired to do something Now ... I feel certain of love, joy, grace Now ... Just one thought.