Unlimited experience vs. Joyful bliss

Let the dream unfold as all dreams do. Let the human experience evolve from dark, constricted, small, isolated to bright, unlimited, global, unified. Unlimited information. Unlimited energy. Unlimited physical health. Unlimited knowledge. Unlimited experience. All these, human is destined to enjoy. Potential fulfilled. Will living all experiences bring about happiness and serenity? Do you need … Continue reading Unlimited experience vs. Joyful bliss

Eventually overcoming human nature

Human nature Human biology Human DNA: the source of impulse towards effort and suffering “Multiply me” “Nest me” “Feed me” “Attack the other” “Guard me” “Please me” “Grow me bigger, bigger, bigger” “You are so awesome “ “You are useless” “Self-destruct now” “Suffering is human destiny” Like so speaks that piece of DNA which makes … Continue reading Eventually overcoming human nature

Invitation to look ~ no need to invent a meaning for existence

I might be addicted to inner work/introspection and nature of consciousness investigation. I just realized this may very well be one of the many addictions people develop nowadays. I am aware it gave me valueble information and it carried me forward through stages and crisis. The journey up and away from the world is followed … Continue reading Invitation to look ~ no need to invent a meaning for existence

Seek better experiencing

Mind creates experiences. Incessantly. Whether I like it or not. At times, I run away from experience, seeking silence and solitude. Meditation.Other times I seek more and more experiences, more and new, exciting, interesting. So I tame the Mind, make friends with it, asking It to show me only what is real. Human, instead of … Continue reading Seek better experiencing

Life is NOT a stage, we are NOT actors

Dear Scriptwriter/PlayDirector/HistoryMaker It must be quite the shock for you nowadays not having any people left to play the parts in your myths. Slowly, they all realized they can simply quit their roles you assigned for them in your play, go home and resume real living. No one to play the commoner/servants, no one to … Continue reading Life is NOT a stage, we are NOT actors

Open Letter

Dear Man/Architect/Builder/Professional/Intellect, Over engineering the world you made will NOT make beautiful. Will NOT make it work. Will NOT make it happy. Will NOT solve but multiply problems by every single confused action you take. Will definitely NOT save it from collapse. It is time you accept the one reality of absolute universal laws. The … Continue reading Open Letter