Life’s perfect happiness is being you

Life is light. Life’s will is perfect happiness. Being is perfect happiness. Life’s perfect happiness is being you. Let the light that we are be our perfect happiness,  the gift we all inherited by being Life’s creations of pure light. Let no thought obscure this knowing. Let no thought deny us access to our inheritance. … Continue reading Life’s perfect happiness is being you

Bell curve ~ perspective on the current times

A certain percentage of people (usually about 20%, according to statistical normal distribution) STRONGLY BELIEVE in myths, religions, conspiracies and other thought-invented stories “to save the world”. The same 20% percentage, on the other end of the curve, are the science&technology people who STRONGLY BELIEVE in the thought-invented power of science and technology “to save … Continue reading Bell curve ~ perspective on the current times

Imagine, without fearful thinking what would the world be?

nature lovers are afraid of technology lovers because they assume … technology lovers are afraid of nature lovers because they presume … Imagine ... WITHOUT FEARFUL THINKING What would the world be? myths lovers are afraid of science lovers because they believe ... science lovers are afraid of myths lovers because they think they can … Continue reading Imagine, without fearful thinking what would the world be?

Stories that teach and heal

“I am life” remembering who I am => the end of fear => awakening to the real world of joy. The sword of spirit vigilance separates real from fake/illusion.  The tyrannical fear-manipulating figure falls impotent as determined focused hero-people choose to turn away, withdraw attention from any fearful thought and let fake fear die. The … Continue reading Stories that teach and heal

Reality, helpful fake, detrimental fake and how to discern

Photo by Maxim Hopman on Unsplash Two worlds: one real, one fake Reality is Life. Reality is only life. Only life is real. Fake is egomind-made; starting with the point, the circle, the square, all geometry, numbers, words and all the rest based on these, all is egomind make-believe stories (one must believe in it … Continue reading Reality, helpful fake, detrimental fake and how to discern

Feel natural ~ calibrate to the natural state

Feel natural Calibrate to natural state Natural state feels like home Feels whole, completely restful Feels stable, rock-solid Feels like a cosy home nested in the forest Feels like nothing needing to be done Feels like falling in love Feels like an endless perfect vacation Ankles kissed by sea, hair playing with the breeze Hanging … Continue reading Feel natural ~ calibrate to the natural state

Algorithm for natural mindedness

All I know is some sort of interpretation. All I know is words which are meanings given to sounds and images. Innocence sees.  That’s why only Innocence feels unfolding aliveness  which we call happiness and peace.  That’s why only Innocence knows truth. Bring all interpretations you know to Innocence.  In exchange, receive mind’s natural state, … Continue reading Algorithm for natural mindedness


Dear Human, It’s graduation day. Congratulations! You are no longer a little Pinocchio, thinking, speaking and acting by copying others, always confused, gullible and unable to distinguish good from bad. You have discovered your soul, your link with Ultimate Reality of Life. You have discovered you have a mind, consciousness. You recognize now that everything … Continue reading Graduation