An Heart Opening Course (Adventure) ~ the outline

Intro:  One adventure that everyone  eventually Feels called to take: The journey to their heart. Opening the door  And entering .... Opening the windows Breathing there Living there. Level One: Fight all the windmills you meet in your life. Realize the futility. Satisfy all your senses pleasures. Realize the futility. Accomplish all ambitions. Realize the … Continue reading An Heart Opening Course (Adventure) ~ the outline

Let the target be joy

   Dear friends, I have a zillion ideas and projects I'm working on. It's been fun flying solo in this journey of self-discovery, yet now I seem to seek more and more ways of mixing it up. I would love to collaborate with vibrant-present-lifeloving-"doing it just because is fun" attitude people. I know, I know, … Continue reading Let the target be joy