Show me the human mind

“Look inside and say the truth. What exactly causes you unease?“ “It is ideas.” “Where do ideas come from?” “From the human mind.” “Where are ideas now?” “In the human mind.” “One would say the human mind is human’s sole enemy. Now show me the human mind.” “I cannot”. ©️A. Garden, June 2020

Human, Little Brother

Human, Little Brother, it is time you stop fooling around, come to your senses, acknowledge your existence  as a member of the one family we call Life. You had your fun wandering off and making up stories about yourself. Grow up now,  return home and join your family. There is nothing of value  outside Life. … Continue reading Human, Little Brother

A spark of burning faith

A tiny key unlocks a massive gate A tiny crack in a dam floods un entire valley A tiny spark lights a tormenting fire A few drops of water sprout a cedar tree A moment of passionate faith What ocean of love would unbound. What a world would that be! Here everything whispers the unending … Continue reading A spark of burning faith

Dreams are made of thought and love

Thinking without love divides. Without love, thinking loses its purpose. Love is the purpose of thinking. Love is living in peace and joy. Peace, a warm and soft kind of peace, a sweet and fragrant kind of peace, a wholesome peace, a goldenwhite peace, a heart healing and mind restoring kind of peace, a tranquil … Continue reading Dreams are made of thought and love

“until the wave poured her inside me, right in here, in the bottle that I was” ~ fragment from work in progress

"Captain Theo steps aboard his ship. It is a glorious day. The sky is a brilliant gem. The ocean, a sparkling jewel. All villagers of Sunnysea came to cheer him. Their voices lift Captain's spirit even higher. Ladies hankerchiefs flutter like baby doves training for flight. It's been a long journey to this moment. It … Continue reading “until the wave poured her inside me, right in here, in the bottle that I was” ~ fragment from work in progress

Free Clean Energy

Become 100% sustainable? One energy form that is 100% clean and 100% free? Recognize your actual needs. Are your nutrient needs met by anything else than clean produce made by Nature, by Life? Are your heating and shelter needs met, without unnecessarily complicating your existence, by other than clean and natural Sun and Earth? Is … Continue reading Free Clean Energy