To whose pain am I medicine?

Living heaven on earth, happily ever after, fully feeling every moment … for this complete inner peace is necessary. For inner peace, complete stillness is necessary. For stillness, complete acceptance of what is here now is necessary. For acceptance, complete inner silence is necessary. For inner silence, complete stop of all thinking is necessary. For … Continue reading To whose pain am I medicine?

Forms of Love ~ stop and feel might be enough

Love is what fills space Love is serene silence peace Love is nourishment for cells Love is brightness of the soul Love is gentle kindness of the heart Love is visions of hope and heaven Love is beauty beyond words at my fingertips Love is human interaction Love is nature’s gifts of fruits and food … Continue reading Forms of Love ~ stop and feel might be enough

JUST DO IT NOW ~ paradigm shift in a nutshell and how to do it now

The paradigm shift, put simply, is a POWER SOURCE SHIFT. CURRENTLY, human’s perception, thinking, speaking and action is POWERED BY INSTINCT OF SURVIVAL. Instinct of survival is experienced as FEAR of death, of poverty, of being controlled (loss of freedom). This instinct of conserving one’s current form, EXACERBATED by the power of THINKING which only … Continue reading JUST DO IT NOW ~ paradigm shift in a nutshell and how to do it now

Three Worlds and Forgiveness

Life is like a tree. It has three parts: the roots with dirt around them (what shamans call the Underworld, what religions call Hell), the crown with leaves, flowers and fruits (the Upperworld, the Heavens), and the trunk where crossings happens (the Middle World, the World). Roots people work hard sifting dirt to produce dirt … Continue reading Three Worlds and Forgiveness

Roots of Heaven Roots of Hell

Roots of Heaven are daily little joys like taking a walk, baking a cake, playing with kids, lending a hand, reading poetry, tasting something new, smiling, saying "thank you" often for no apparent reason, swimming, berry picking, flower contemplation, breathing deeply, cat or dog petting ... Roots of Hell are daily little mean things like … Continue reading Roots of Heaven Roots of Hell

Inner Life

Inner life. Secret garden. Hidden treasure. Kingdom of heavens. Source of happiness. Wonderland. Shambhala. That magic place within where beauty reigns like a queen and justice is king. There is no other purpose of all spiritual teachings, old and new, than guiding the mind ... there. And guidance mind needs to cross the treacherous thick dark … Continue reading Inner Life