All about spirituality

Inside is warm and comfortable Outside is cold and unexpected. Inside food and drinks always at hand. Outside, the race for essentials. Inside, peace and tranquility Outside, chaos and madness. Inside, my typewriter and my watercolors. Outside, noisy heavy machines. Inside, my passion and joy. Outside, meaningless effort. Inside, flowers in vase, tea and bread … Continue reading All about spirituality

How to bake a strong and happy family, Life’s recipe

Dear Life, All I want for Christmas Is the recipe for Your most special cakes: The Family. Ingredients: man, in love woman, in love clear space a dream of a home and family Skills and tools needed: trust in Life following Life's guidance, one step at a time patience readiness for action trust in each … Continue reading How to bake a strong and happy family, Life’s recipe

Understanding (bio)energy. Ep.2 One Step Clean&Renew

One thing to know about bioenergy: It does you.  One thing you must do: relax enough to allow it to do its thing.  One best way to relax: return home. Returning home means bringing your mind (masculine principle) at the place where bioenergy begins and ends to begin again: your heart center (feminine principle). Home. … Continue reading Understanding (bio)energy. Ep.2 One Step Clean&Renew