What is home and your heaven world

Photo by HONG LIN on Unsplash Dear man, Remember the moment you made the first box.A box, an utmost unnatural imaginary thing of lines and angles and planes, a place where an unnatural imaginary little you may hide from life, pretending to be alone, free to imagine diverse unnatural scary beings, “safely” separated from the … Continue reading What is home and your heaven world

The secret to happiness in a few popular idioms

The secret to happiness captured in a few popular idioms “Come back to your Self”(to certainty, to who you are in reality, to your true identity). “Come to your senses” (awareness, right mind) “Pull yourself together”(be One) “Snap out of it” (dream, illusion, separation, conflict) “Come Home” Home. Sea of Life is my home. Crystalline transparency … Continue reading The secret to happiness in a few popular idioms

inner tension resolution, becoming fully conscious

First remember who you are, then go explore Let us acknowledge our inner turmoil. There is this tension inside each of us. One force longs to stay home (the peaceful happy all is well, nothing is missing, nothing is wrong state, the feminine principle, the beauty of being, the simple life), another force calls us … Continue reading inner tension resolution, becoming fully conscious

The purpose of the house

The purpose of building a cube of walls with a pyramid roof on top is to invite inside the Joy of being in the world. The purpose of the building is to give a frame of reference to the joyful unfolding of this particular moment/place.The purpose of the house is to become a home. The … Continue reading The purpose of the house

Getting real for real life

Clip from Pixabay So what to do? So cry out “I want absolute freedom I don’t want anything I think I want My infinite soul wants to feel absolutely alive Only absolute love is sufficiently satisfying Absolute beauty Absolute happiness absolute clarity absolute peace Absolute truth” all right here, one breath away. ~ * ~ … Continue reading Getting real for real life

Invitation: tune your senses to the world you really want

I, ego, made a world of thought and dust for entertainment alone. No one goes to the movies expecting to find real living. You are aware, even at a very small age, it’s all fiction. Yes, pick your next dream, click “play” and enjoy the unfolding. Afterwards, return home and resume your real life. Suffering/negativity/conflict/insanity … Continue reading Invitation: tune your senses to the world you really want

Unlimited experience vs. Joyful bliss

Let the dream unfold as all dreams do. Let the human experience evolve from dark, constricted, small, isolated to bright, unlimited, global, unified. Unlimited information. Unlimited energy. Unlimited physical health. Unlimited knowledge. Unlimited experience. All these, human is destined to enjoy. Potential fulfilled. Will living all experiences bring about happiness and serenity? Do you need … Continue reading Unlimited experience vs. Joyful bliss

A splendid way of being in existence

I like to think of the sea. Infinite waters and sky, I feel at home. Entire human mind with its world ... a dream dissolving in this timeless immensity. Here, love brings us, time and again, the shore of our freedom. Here, life goes on forever, untethered. Here, we may rest or embark on spontaneous … Continue reading A splendid way of being in existence

Open Letter

Dear Man/Architect/Builder/Professional/Intellect, Over engineering the world you made will NOT make beautiful. Will NOT make it work. Will NOT make it happy. Will NOT solve but multiply problems by every single confused action you take. Will definitely NOT save it from collapse. It is time you accept the one reality of absolute universal laws. The … Continue reading Open Letter