Show me the human mind

“Look inside and say the truth. What exactly causes you unease?“ “It is ideas.” “Where do ideas come from?” “From the human mind.” “Where are ideas now?” “In the human mind.” “One would say the human mind is human’s sole enemy. Now show me the human mind.” “I cannot”. ©️A. Garden, June 2020

Idolize only Inspiration

No reason to pretend you don’t want the ideas you have received through inspiration. This creates hypocrisy and physical disease. No reason to idolize these ideas either, as if they have a meaning within themselves, as if they have any power at all. Idolize only Inspiration. ©️A. Garden, October 2019

Just an idea for IT creators

Psychological negativity which is information no longer necessary (or not able to be “digested”) for the individual must be released using only a specially designated device (in the same way we all use only the toilet for digestive elimination). Because psychological negativity is comprised mainly of words and thoughts, that device may very well be … Continue reading Just an idea for IT creators

A polarized world; Is it natural? Is it logical? ~ an interview with The Little Prince

We have a few burning questions to ask. We tried to find some unbiased real intelligence on planet Earth but we couldn't at this time. So we turned to Asteroid B-612 where we are certain we’ll find good clean answers. ~ Interview with The Little Prince ~ "One sees clearly only with the heart. The … Continue reading A polarized world; Is it natural? Is it logical? ~ an interview with The Little Prince

That will prove something

Women walking with full heavy chests Overflowing and inner-flowing Sweet milky sparkling fairy dust. Men walking with full heavy heads Overflowing and inner-flowing Ideas to become buildings and stories and rules. Women need to pour out their love Because that will prove ... something. Men need to turn thoughts to things Because that will prove … Continue reading That will prove something