human brain’s choice, loving life essentials

Dear human brain, You have two options:Continue to spin the same old stories until complete neurological erosionorGet reborn by trudging your way to, then jumping into the nearest pool of living light, your open loving heart (or someone's open loving heart). Stay and soak well! I know the stories you spin in the brain seem … Continue reading human brain’s choice, loving life essentials

Dear thinker, a message to all who think way too much

Dear thinker,  Reality is one tiny step away, calling joyously for you, tirelessly, awaiting your return, every hour of every day. Reality, you see, might take the form of your dear significant other, your wife or husband, your sweet little child, your best friend, your dog, your garden, even your annoying neighbor or coworker. Your outback, … Continue reading Dear thinker, a message to all who think way too much

About facing one’s fears and my self-made unease remedy

Name that fear! Whenever I feel some sort of unease, I sit down with my notebook and start writing. I write whatever comes into my mind. I keep going until all uneasiness is gone.  Then, I summarize it all in a simple short clear poem.  Anxiety is human. We all have it. Left unaddressed, anxiety … Continue reading About facing one’s fears and my self-made unease remedy

the ocean of forgiveness

infinite wonderful being, The Ocean, saying “Human,It’s ok. The mess you made while dreaming duality belongs only to the dream. The moment you decide you no longer desire the dream, … all crystalline Reality will be restored to your awareness. Come! Jump up, shake off the ghosts of your slumber. Nothing happens in Neverland, looney … Continue reading the ocean of forgiveness

Dragon brain integration, becoming fully conscious

Conscious living starts with facing fears. Peace and joy of being is bliss of becoming conscious, … billions and billions of different indescribable… layers. … feeling our earth flying through space. No duality. Duality is dream of war. War is illusion of pain. Don’t fall for Dragon’s games. Time to overcome that anxiety “fight or … Continue reading Dragon brain integration, becoming fully conscious

Individual honest self talk, becoming fully conscious

Photo by Mitchel Griest on Unsplash To be quite honest, I don’t really fully understand the meaning of what I see or hear. Then, what makes me jump so quickly to passing judgment? What makes me choose to believe something is wrong? ©️A. Garden, October 2021. Please share 😊🙏🏻🕊.

The many layers of sadness

The world is magic. White magic and black magic in perpetual motion. Combining motion, at times. Contrasting motion, at times. Conflicting motion, at times. Light and darkness swing, swirl and collide ... one reminding of new, the other reminding of old; one speaking of life, the other speaking of death. A dream of magic is … Continue reading The many layers of sadness