undoing and return to reality chant

May the double helix voice of thought be silent May all words be undone to meaningless sounds May all images be undone to meaningless shapes and colors May all body sensations dissipate like clouds in the wind of the breath May only Truth be heard May only Beauty be seen Reality of Love embraces all … Continue reading undoing and return to reality chant

The world = images + words

The world = images + words This image is made of meaningless pixels This word is made of meaningless sounds The ego is made of meaningless sensations and tiny elements of space Let pixels drift apart Let sounds drift apart Let sensations fall apart Easy gentle as breathing May particles return to space Only space … Continue reading The world = images + words

The World from Now’s Point of View

There is nothing to think about the world. From Now’s point of view, the world is but an image projected onto retina of the eye, combined with sound. Occasionally, throw in some tactile sensations. Now’s perspective is useful (indispensable even) when seeking real love and everlasting happiness. P. S. What is not Now’s perspective, surely … Continue reading The World from Now’s Point of View