Good morning, inner life – poem by A.Garden

Good morning, inner sunshine Good morning, inner world Good morning, home of my Soul Good morning, angels of light Good morning, sea of love Good morning, birds of new beginning This new day sings words of praise This new day celebrates seeing This new day feels soft and warm This new day opens a portal  … Continue reading Good morning, inner life – poem by A.Garden

Inner Life

Inner life. Secret garden. Hidden treasure. Kingdom of heavens. Source of happiness. Wonderland. Shambhala. That magic place within where beauty reigns like a queen and justice is king. There is no other purpose of all spiritual teachings, old and new, than guiding the mind ... there. And guidance mind needs to cross the treacherous thick dark … Continue reading Inner Life

Things vs. Inner Life

   We are not material beings. We are spritual beings in a physical body; in a thing, we might say. A very complex non-manmade ... thing, our body. Why all our preoccupations are material? Why are we concerned the most about things?  These illusive fragile ever-decaying always-broken things ...  Inner life is where people of … Continue reading Things vs. Inner Life