What will happen

Love is Home. What feels more restful than home? Where you find more peace and happiness? Love is space. What can be more secure,  more unshakable than space. Love is light. What is more playful than light, Please tell me, What is stronger than light? If more often I return home, What do you think … Continue reading What will happen

For Love, Speak Truth

Yes, we suffer of loneliness, of fear, of unworthiness. We shout at the world, we threat it, we blame it, we punish it. Yes, we want stuff, we want money, properties, fame, power to control, we want physical sensations ... Or this is what we believe we want. We believe we know what happiness is. … Continue reading For Love, Speak Truth

Some thoughts about food and breathing practice

Instead of listening to the words, I prefer to pay more attention to the sound of voice. I journey through particular inflections, feel how timbre scratches or strokes my ear drum, let my heart dance to the rhythm of speech, ...Instead of looking at what is right in front of my eyes, I'd rather try … Continue reading Some thoughts about food and breathing practice