Welcome back to Reality

Welcome back to Reality to You, naked Soul, vibrating dancing aliveness, created sound and light beyond time and space, truth beyond mind comprehension, beauty beyond what may eyes behold ... You have never left the Garden of Reality, you have never been anything else than Truth. A dream of existence, pleasant or otherwise, eventually ends. … Continue reading Welcome back to Reality

clean perception restored ~ when courage and sincere desire

there might be ways and methods to regain a childlike seeing of the world, but gazing into the depths of innocence, providing courage and sincerity overtake dominion of one's mind, even for only a second ... clean perception is restored. whatever learned suddenly makes no sense at all, when courage and sincere desire overtake you. … Continue reading clean perception restored ~ when courage and sincere desire

A return to innocence. The seeing.

  A return to innocence. The exquisite place. Where attention reigns. The kind of starry eyed attention, not too sharp, not too soft. Sincere. The spontaneous kind of attention, like the breeze of the sea, invigoratingly refreshed by every blink of the eye. Space itself drowns in that joyous naiveté. The pure simple innocent looking. … Continue reading A return to innocence. The seeing.