like so love speaks

and love says “Child of light, you are as free, as pure as the morning breeze your beauty cannot be conceived by mind your perfect happiness is life’s sole purpose don’t play with worldly toys play with stars, with oceans and winds. Come, meet me in the immense clarity andlet’s be alive together” like so … Continue reading like so love speaks

Come, buy a Life loving heart

Come, Buy a Life loving heart. If you seek profit or to prove your righteousness, Go on, I have nothing. But if happiness is what you seek, There is no faster path Than loving Life. If logic is your friend, Just think: you didn’t make your hands, You didn’t make your eyes, Your didn’t make … Continue reading Come, buy a Life loving heart

Let the target be joy

   Dear friends, I have a zillion ideas and projects I'm working on. It's been fun flying solo in this journey of self-discovery, yet now I seem to seek more and more ways of mixing it up. I would love to collaborate with vibrant-present-lifeloving-"doing it just because is fun" attitude people. I know, I know, … Continue reading Let the target be joy