Japanese Essentials: SHOSHIN 初心 ~ beginner’s mind

All knowledge is built upon one foundation: perception. "in the beginner's mind there are many possibilities, in the expert's mind there are few." Shunryu Suzuki - Zen Mind, Begginer's Mind When natural neutral perception is distorted in any way, interfered with, suggested, imposed, imprinted, conditioned, ultimately learned, it leads to aberrant knowledge and destructive action. … Continue reading Japanese Essentials: SHOSHIN 初心 ~ beginner’s mind

Free people are kind people living simple lives

Have you seen a free person? A free person loves without attachment A free person wishes without doubt A free person listens without thinking A free person talks without rehearsing A free person walks without a reason A free person breathes to feel satisfaction A free person sits quietly looking at the world A free … Continue reading Free people are kind people living simple lives

cessation of chatter, the vaccine against common madness

observe what chattering thoughts do to brain observe how they slice through, smaller and smaller divisions, nanoparticules of separated matter observe how brain feels observe how confusion and insanity increases conclude : a vaccine against insanity must be cessation of chattering Spontaneous unlimited action emerges from seeing the truth. Natural joy resumes. https://youtu.be/gUnK_xeUPgg

Free Clean Energy

Become 100% sustainable? One energy form that is 100% clean and 100% free? Recognize your actual needs. Are your nutrient needs met by anything else than clean produce made by Nature, by Life? Are your heating and shelter needs met, without unnecessarily complicating your existence, by other than clean and natural Sun and Earth? Is … Continue reading Free Clean Energy