Congratulations, Human!

Congratulations, Human! You discovered the absolute certainty of the ultimate reality, the all encompassing awareness, the unconditional happiness of being, the everlasting beauty of the eternal moment, the oneness of the consciousness/mind you all share, hence, made obsolete all need for any sort of believing. You discovered that science is the joyful endeavor of clearly … Continue reading Congratulations, Human!

The purpose of the house

The purpose of building a cube of walls with a pyramid roof on top is to invite inside the Joy of being in the world. The purpose of the building is to give a frame of reference to the joyful unfolding of this particular moment/place.The purpose of the house is to become a home. The … Continue reading The purpose of the house

The Matrix and the Joy

Indeed the means for building the matrix we call human society or “the world” were given “from above” to the world builders, mathematicians, scientists, engineers, builders. The basic mathematical concepts, geometrical shapes and solids and all other concepts were received indeed by matrix builders from that Space of which they do not speak about. Any … Continue reading The Matrix and the Joy

Getting real for real life

Clip from Pixabay So what to do? So cry out “I want absolute freedom I don’t want anything I think I want My infinite soul wants to feel absolutely alive Only absolute love is sufficiently satisfying Absolute beauty Absolute happiness absolute clarity absolute peace Absolute truth” all right here, one breath away. ~ * ~ … Continue reading Getting real for real life

Look again

I said “Love,there is this monstrous realm of guilt and fearwhere things with teeth and claws feed forever.”“Are you absolutely certain?” Love asked“Look again” Love gently guided,“here, use my eyes, let’s look together”I breathed deeply and soften into Love.I looked. I couldn’t see it anywhere.All I could see were clouds.Objects made of particles,bodies made of … Continue reading Look again

A single childhood trauma that needs correction

The one childhood trauma all humans share: being coerced to pretend we see objects as separate entities, in other words to stop our innate way of observing objects as sharing a common underlying field from which they appear under observer's eye action of observing. This is the moment when suffering begins. The human condition. But … Continue reading A single childhood trauma that needs correction

Split-second choosing ~ remembering to discern the real from the rest

Ego uses the body to increase pain of guilt and fear. Life uses the body to increase joy of being and doing. Now, and in every moment, you choose who reigns your moment. One is delusional, the other is real. This is discernment. Life happens here, in this timeless instant. It takes a split of … Continue reading Split-second choosing ~ remembering to discern the real from the rest