Unlimited experience vs. Joyful bliss

Let the dream unfold as all dreams do. Let the human experience evolve from dark, constricted, small, isolated to bright, unlimited, global, unified. Unlimited information. Unlimited energy. Unlimited physical health. Unlimited knowledge. Unlimited experience. All these, human is destined to enjoy. Potential fulfilled. Will living all experiences bring about happiness and serenity? Do you need … Continue reading Unlimited experience vs. Joyful bliss

Laws of Life and Universe ~ Invitation to Ask for Your Unique Truth

Everything that exists is bound by laws. Including the universe. Laws are the boundaries and guardians between Something and Nothing. Without them everything would return to the Nothing from which they arisen. Because the Universe is “the same in big as in small”, like a fractal, the exact same laws apply to galaxies and to … Continue reading Laws of Life and Universe ~ Invitation to Ask for Your Unique Truth

No-Nonsense Simple Love Energy Understanding

Dear friends, Last night I woke up in the middle of night and couldn't go back to sleep. Many thoughts came over to visit. They didn't stay for too long. I intently started thinking about love. The Energy. I must share with you this no-nonsense explanation which all may understand. It's impossible to say "I … Continue reading No-Nonsense Simple Love Energy Understanding