…been working on my (newest) website … here’s a peek

Remember those childhood moments when time stood still, light had a certain surreal quality and every tiny thing seemed to ... breathe? Be alive? Remember when making friends was naturally easy, when you felt truly and completely loved? When you felt innately happy without doing anything in particular?  We were so completely immersed into our … Continue reading …been working on my (newest) website … here’s a peek

My Message to the World: TO BE ALIVE, LOVE LIFE!

No matter how many things you learn to do, no matter how many skills you master, no matter what great and/or many goals you manage to accomplish, no matter how many people you inspire, no matter what successful businesses you manage to grow, no matter how accomplished your children have become and what a good … Continue reading My Message to the World: TO BE ALIVE, LOVE LIFE!

Chapter Four. A Misty Morning

Copyright Daniela Andreea Toma 2014. All rights reserved. It's eight in the morning and yet it is still very quiet in the garden. It's probably the mist. It feels really ... unique, sitting here, in the center of a beautiful garden, surrounded by roses, knowing there is life everywhere around yet not seeing any of … Continue reading Chapter Four. A Misty Morning