The many layers of sadness

The world is magic. White magic and black magic in perpetual motion. Combining motion, at times. Contrasting motion, at times. Conflicting motion, at times. Light and darkness swing, swirl and collide ... one reminding of new, the other reminding of old; one speaking of life, the other speaking of death. A dream of magic is … Continue reading The many layers of sadness

Inner Life

Inner life. Secret garden. Hidden treasure. Kingdom of heavens. Source of happiness. Wonderland. Shambhala. That magic place within where beauty reigns like a queen and justice is king. There is no other purpose of all spiritual teachings, old and new, than guiding the mind ... there. And guidance mind needs to cross the treacherous thick dark … Continue reading Inner Life

Chapter Six. A Magic Show

Image from Google Copyright Daniela Andreea Toma 2015. All rights reserved. - A garden! Mira said, lifting her eyes from sleep. Her right hand stretched up and touched the sunlight beam above her head. She realized she was alone in the bedroom. She wanted to sleep in her favorite space, the little cabin, Theo's writing … Continue reading Chapter Six. A Magic Show