Vision, a digital painting

Vision, a digital painting Dear friends, Loving seeing the true nature of reality Loving being a dream character in the dream world only to see and know true love Loving life Eternally playing Easy Gentle Flowing Simple Now Being New Love Light Creation Creating Life A. Garden, January 2023

Theo and Mira, poetry of living essentials

observing the brain activity until it completely subsides Dear human, The human brain is an automatic device for projecting installed thoughts / memories. Everything you perceive is the result of that automatic projection. All perception, all problems, all solutions are the result of that automatic activity of the brain. That's why history repeats. The brain … Continue reading Theo and Mira, poetry of living essentials

stop seeking ~ Loving Life Essentials

Dear friend, thinker-living being, Stop seeking real love, real solutions, real joy, true meaning of life in the realm of your made up thoughts. Surely, you'll get depressed. Nothing there but your made up thoughts. You go there to play pretend "I forget who I am", hide from and seek my Self, deceive my Self with my ego, … Continue reading stop seeking ~ Loving Life Essentials